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AI-NET usability improvement project

Start negotiation on AINET


Negotiation for vehicles and machines are possible at AI-NET

It is now possible to complete everything from applying for negotiation to negotiating and closing a contract on AI-NET.

  1. Negotiation application

    (1) A "Negotiation" button has been added to the vehicles of the search result list, and it is now possible to apply for negotiations from here.
    *In the case you are an exhibitor, the "Reverse Negotiation" button will be displayed.
    *You can apply only for vehicles that have a sign of "Accepting negotiations".

    (2) You can check the vehicle information and negotiation start price, enter the "negotiation application price (1,000 yen)", "contact number", and "contact method" to apply for a negotiation.

  2. The negotiation application and negotiation results are displayed on the TOP screen.

  3. You can check the progress of negotiations from the list of negotiations on My Page.
    A "Negotiation Ball" will be displayed when you have to decide on negotiation

  4. The exhibitor can deny or accept the negotiation and set the desired price from the negotiation list on My Page as well.

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