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AI-NET usability improvement project

AI-NET UI change


While maintaining the good points of the past, we have changed the design to take into consideration user-friendly button size, color scheme, etc., and enhanced the search function.

[Functions list]

Functions Overview

Addition of price ON/OFF function If the price is set to OFF, only vehicle information can be viewed.

Parts campaign Display campaign information for parts.
Password expiration Please change your password regularly to prevent your account from unauthorized use.
[Normal search]
Select Venue If the number of exhibits is "0", the venue icon is grayed out.
Change search items for each product
Passenger car/Van truck 「Manufacturer」 - 「Car name」- 「Shape」 - 「Year」 「Running Distance」「Score」
Bike 「Manufacturer」 - 「Displacement」 - 「Car name」 - 「Chassis number」
Construction machine 「Product 」- 「Car name」- 「Manufacturer」- 「Year」 「Operating hours」 「Class」
Favorite Favorites can be registered in 4 types ABCD.
Preliminary inspection agency request AI-NET can handle everything from preliminary inspection requests to responses.

[Explanation of AI-NET new functions]

  1. TOP screen *The English page is omitted because it is the same as the Japanese page.

  2. Listing search

    (1) Search TOP

    (2) Car name search

    ①Passenger car/Van truck

    Search item
    Manufacturer - "Car name" - "Shape" - "Year" "Running distance" "Score" "Maximum load capacity"


    Search item
    Manufacturer - "displacement" - "car name" - "chassis number"

    ③Construction machinery

    Search item
    Product - "Car name" - "Manufacturer" - "Year" "Operating hours" "Class"

    (3) Search results list

    (1) Table format display

    (2) Image list

    (4) Search result details

    ①Before bidding

    ②After bidding (unsold vehicles)

  3. My Page (old "Members" tab)

    My Page TOP

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