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General AI-NET Q&A

  • The password is "half-width" and "lowercase alphanumeric characters". Check half-width/full-width mode and Caps Lock.
  • Have you changed your password? Password must be between 6 and 8 characters. If you register 9 or more characters when changing your password, up to the 8th character is recognized as a password.
  • An email containing your new password has been sent to the email address you registered when you changed your password. Please check your new password there.
  • Did you mistakenly enter a space or "." before or after the password?

Password notifications will be sent by mail. In principle, we cannot answer by phone, fax, or e-mail.

This error is displayed when you close the window or shut down the PC without pressing the "Logout" button the last time you logged out.
Please wait for about 5 minutes and then try to log in again.

After logging in to AI-NET, change your password from "My Page" > "Change Password".
The password must be half-width alphanumeric characters, between 6 and 8 characters. Characters after the 9th character are not registered.
→ Click here for how to change (PDF)

Please check the handbook of each service.
→ AI-NET Bidding Service Manual
→ AI-NET Real Service Manual
→ AA Inventory Service Manual
If the handbook does not solve your problem, please contact us.

Two or more users cannot log in at the same time with the same user ID. But you can solve it by adding user id. Up to 5 user IDs (for 5 people) can be registered per member.
To add a user ID, please apply here.
→ AI-NET service user ID change/addition/deletion application form (PDF)

AI-NET is assumed to be used in Japan. We may not be able to respond to troubles that occur when accessing from overseas.

AI-NET Real Service (paid course) Q&A

It is possible that the user ID you are using does not have real service authority. Please check the user ID permission settings with your administrator.

  • Nothing is displayed on the real service on days when no auctions are held on AI-NET.
  • Make sure that the date and time on your computer are set to Japan time.
  • Deposit Members and AI-NET Construction Equipment Limited Members are limited in the venues they can use. Only available venues are displayed in Real Service.

The usage environment of your PC may not meet the recommended environment. When using AI-NET, please ensure that the "recommended environment" is met as much as possible.
→ Click here for real service usage environment

The alarm will not sound unless the lane with the set exhibition number is displayed on the real service screen. The alarm function will not work if another venue or lane is displayed when the alarm sounds.

Did the green 'Rights' lamp light up when you pressed the bid button? If the right lamp is not lit, the bid price will be the same as the price bid by another member, so your company will not be able to win the bid.

AI-NET Bidding Service (Free Course) Q&A

  • Make sure that the date and time on your computer are set to Japan time.
  • If you see "You cannot bid with this user ID", it is possible that your user ID does not have bidding privileges. Please check the user ID permission settings with your administrator.
  • AI-NET bidding service (free course) cannot bid on TAA, CAA, TAA one-price, CAA one-praice, and Σstock one-price. Please register for AI-NET Real Service (paid course).

AI-NET bidding service (free course) cannot use the real service. Please register for AI-NET Real Service (paid course).

Bid agency service (partner auction bidding) Q&A

TAA, CAA, TAA one-price, CAA one-price cannot be used with the AI-NET bidding service (free course). Please register for AI-NET Real Service (paid course).

Please check the AI-NET Bidding Agency Service Agreement.
→ AI-NET Bid Agency Service Terms (PDF)

You can check the listing data on AI-NET, but there are some listings that cannot be confirmed.
Please contact the AI-NET Department for listings for which the starting price for negotiations cannot be confirmed on AI-NET.
* AI-NET Department TEL.0285-45-1561

As a general rule, our designated land transportation company will carry out the bidding agency service (other venues), but there are cases where it is possible for the successful bidder to arrange the delivery.
The delivery rules for delivery arrangements by the successful bidder vary depending on the venue. If you have any questions, please contact the AI-NET Department
* AI-NET Department TEL.0285-45-1561

  • Venues that require a carry-out ticket: Issue a carry-out ticket from AI-NET's "My Page" > "Print carry-out ticket" and bring it to the bidding venue.
    *The carry-out ticket will be issued in PDF format. Please note that the issued PDF cannot be reissued.
  • Venues that require a POS number for unloading: Please declare the number that you have confirmed on AI-NET's "My Page" > "Bid POS inquiry" at the winning bid venue.
  • Venues that require prior notification of the delivery person: Please inform the AI-NET executive office of the name of the company or individual that plans to deliver the successful bid vehicle.

Shared Inventory Service Q&A

ΣStock one-price cannot be used with the AI-NET bidding service (free course). Please register for AI-NET Real Service (paid course).

Storage locations (collection destinations) are all over the country. Please check the pick-up destination in the [Exhibition area] of the exhibition data.

Vehicles of the shared inventory service cannot be checked at all.
If you have any questions about the exhibition data, please contact the executive office.
* AI-NET Department TEL.0285-45-1561 (There may be questions that cannot be answered.)

Vehicles of the shared inventory service cannot be carried out by the successful bidder themself.
When applying for purchase, select the land transportation company that you would like to request carry-out from [Transportation company].

Prices can be negotiated for store inventory and Σ Stock one-price vehicles (JU Tentori cannot negotiate prices).
When applying for purchase, please correct the value of [Price] to the amount you want to apply for and click [Purchase/Price Negotiation].

AA Inventory Service Q&A

It is possible.
Please fill out the "AA Stock Exhibit Application Form" and fax it to the executive office.

Vehicles listed on TAA/CAA one-price and JU Immediate Success Support will be auctioned at TAA venues, CAA venues, and JU venue auctions, and vehicles that have been decided to be re-listed for the next event will be sold at the displayed price ( It is a vehicle that can be bid immediately at one-price).
Therefore, the posting period, successful bid fee, carry-out deadline, complaint filing deadline, etc. will follow the rules of the venue where the vehicle is posted, so please check the auction rules of each venue before participating.
→ Click here for auction rules for each venue

Inquiries about AI-NET service

AI-NET Department

548 Awamiya, Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture 329-0201 (Arai Shoji Co., Ltd. Oyama Venue)
TEL.0285-45-1561 FAX.0285-45-7772