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What is the AI-NET i course?

AI-NET paid course + i-Auc Real Super Value Package Course!

In addition to AI-NET bidding and real participation in the Arai Auction's actual car auction venue (4-wheel 3, Van & Truck 1, Machinery & Motorcycle 1), This is a “super bargain package course” for Arai AA regular members who can become an iAuc Real associate member provided by iAuc Co., Ltd. and participate in the iAuc Real connection venue.

Three advantages of AI-NET i

  1. 1. Real participation is possible at 87 venues nationwide!
  2. 2. Great monthly cost!
    AI-NET real 4,980 yen + iAUC real 6,800 yen = 11,780 yen/month to 7,000 yen/month with AI-NET i course!
  3. 3. The successful bid fee for Arai, which allows direct participation from AI-NET, is very profitable!

AI-NET i Course Service Contents

By enrolling in the AI-NET i course, you will be able to use the following three services.

Bidding system Participation possible held Ancillary service
4 wheels Van Truck Construction machine Two wheels Listing adjustment Preliminary inspection agent Transportation agency
①AI-NET Bidding × ×
②AI-NET Real ○ (Note 1) ×
③Eye Oak Real (Note 2) × ×

① AI-NET bidding service

This is a bidding (reservation) service on the Internet. If you have an internet environment, you can access and bid.

② AI-NET Real Service

It will be possible to participate in real bidding using a company or home computer for auctions at the current car auction site of the Arai Auction and the MIRIVE site. Available auction venues are Arai Auction current car auction venues: 3 venues for 4 wheels, 1 venue for Van Truck, and 1 venue for Machinery & Motorcycle. Also, real participation in the MIRIVE venue will be possible just by applying for a MIRIVE common member. (Common member admission fee is free)

③ iOuc Real Service

This is a bidding agency service provided by iAuc Co., Ltd. that allows you to participate in real-time auctions on the Internet. If you subscribe to the AI-NET i course, you will become an i-Auc associate member and will be able to participate in 19 venues nationwide other than the Arai Auction and (Note 2) Arai affiliated venues (participation by real bidding). (Does not include eye oak bids)

AiAuc Real Usage Guide and Environment Check

AI-NET i course usage fee

Admission fee Monthly fee Fees for using the service
Service you use Bid fee Usage fee Successful bid fee
0 yen 7,000 yen/month


Partial charge Machinery & Motorcycle/Van & Truck: Arai normal fee
4W Sendai/4W Oyama/4W Bayside: Normal fee+3,000 yen/unit


Machinery & Motorcycle/Van & Truck: Arai normal fee
4W Sendai/4W Oyama/4W Bayside: Normal fee+3,000 yen/unit
Ai Auc
1,500 yen/month
(Note 3)
Billing The monthly fee will be automatically debited by Arai AA.
AI-NET bidding service bidding fees, successful bid fees, and preview agency fees will be billed on the Arai AA statement.
The successful bid fee and preliminary inspection fee for AI-NET Real Service will be billed on the Arai AA statement.
The i-Auc Real Service usage fee, preliminary inspection fee, and transportation fee will be deducted from i-Auc Co., Ltd. by account transfer through APLUS on the 27th of the following month after the end of the month of use. Vehicle charges and successful bid fees for i-Auc Real Service will be invoiced by i-Auc Co., Ltd. and will be settled within 7 days.

(Note 3) Vehicle searches are free of charge, but you will be billed 1,500 yen per month for each use of Real Login, regardless of whether or not you win a bid. However, within 30 days after logging in, there will be no additional charge.

Use of i-Auc Real Service from AI-NET i Course (I-Auc Associate Membership)

1. I-Auc Co., Ltd. will handle settlements and complaints after the successful bid for i-Auc Real.
2. Business negotiations cannot be held for bidding cars at iAuc Real connection venues.
3. Preliminary inspection service at iAuc Real connection venue is 3,000 yen per unit.
4. I-Auc Co., Ltd. will contact you after the successful bid for the transportation method of the successful bid vehicle.
5. In principle, the credit limit is 3,000,000 yen.

AI-NET i Course Service Registration Flow

◎ When enrolling in the AI-NET i course, you will be required to individually register two contracts: our AI-NET real member contract and the i-Auc Co., Ltd. associate member contract, so it will take some time. Please understand that it will take. In addition, the AI-NET i course is offered only to Arai AA regular members, and enrollment is in the following three cases, and it is not offered to Arai AA common members or associate members. Please note that no.

First, request materials

Once you have received the materials, follow the steps below to register.

  1. Please send the necessary documents for AI-NET i service registration (i.oak semi-participation basic contract) to Arai Shoji Tokyo Headquarters. *Please use the enclosed self-addressed envelope.
  2. Arai Shoji will confirm the contents and required documents.
  3. Arai Shoji will forward the necessary documents to i-Auc Co., Ltd.
  4. i-Auc Co., Ltd. will register as an associate member of i-Auc Real, and if there are no problems with the documents, etc., Arai Shoji will be contacted.
  5. Arai Shoji will inform your company of the completion of AI-NET i membership registration.
    * AI-NET bidding/real and registration will be completed at the same time.
    *Information on how to start using the service will be sent "directly" from i-Auc Co., Ltd.

Documents required for AI-NETi course service contract (i.oak semi-participation basic contract)

  1. "iO Real Associate Participation Basic Agreement (and APLUS Bank Account Transfer Request Form)"
    * A joint guarantor is required. (In principle, the guarantor in the contract with the current Arai AA. Newly required if you have not joined under the conditions for granting a guarantor)
  2. Copy of second-hand goods license
  3. "Certificate of company seal impression" (original issued within 3 months) [For corporations only]
  4. “Representative Seal Certificate” (issued within 3 months original)
  5. "Third party guarantor seal certificate" (issued within 3 months original)