Downloading Information/Application Forms

You can download each documents from here. Please print out and use them for your convenience.
In case you would like to save the documents, please select “Save Target As” and click on the downloading button with the right mouse button.

Commonly applicable for all the venues

4W/VT/ACE Proxy Bid Request (41KB)
2W Proxy Bid Request (52KB)
How to fill out Auction Entry Form (136KB)
How to fill out Truck and Bus Auction Entry Form (110KB)
How to fill out Motorcycle Auction Entry Form (88KB)
How to fill out Construction Machine Auction Entry Form (128KB)
*except Construction Equipment Auction
How to fill out Industrial Machine Auction Entry Form (132KB)
Negotiation Form (222KB)

Oyama venue

Guidance for picking up a vehicle (264KB)
Confirmation sheet for carrying (168KB)
Automobile inspection certificate fax request (80KB)