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    Guidance for Arai Auto Auction

    Arai Auto Auction is dedicated to the domestic trades of used cars, with its auctions hosted seven times a week (two times of motorcycles, three times of regular passenger cars, one time of commercial vehicles (vans & trucks), and one time of construction equipment) in the four venues nationwide (in Miyagi Pref.,Tochigi Pref., Kanagawa Pref., and Fukuoka Pref.), with more than 35,000 members who are dealers. The number of traded vehicles is more than 8,000 per week. In addition, we have come to enable our members to join auctions of two million vehicles from Monday to Saturday per year by the °»membership communalization°… with business partner venues and the °»mutual entry of the Internet services°… with them.

    Internet Auction Service "AI-NET"

    This is the most important system for the current used-cars trade industry that enables you to participate in an auction in a venue with presence of cars through accessing the website from your home or office.
    We, Arai Auto Auction Group, provide you with store stock of AI-TRADER and proxy services of bidding in addition to the four type services of AI-NET Bidding, Real, AA Stock, and i, devoting ourselves to pursuing your conveniences with the state-of-the-art IT technology.

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    10F Nihonbasi Katou Bld., Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0027, Japan