Arai Auto Auction Sendai

Regular passenger Vehicles
Every Tuesday auction starts at 11:00 ~

Venue Information

We take care to keep the venue atmosphere heartwarming and keep ourselves walking together with our customers everyday.

This venue has a high degree of popularity from buyers in Kanto and Hokuriku regions as vehicle for export, upward trend in number of various types of vehicles, vans, heavy-duty trucks, construction equipment, and specialized vehicles besides passenger vehicles. It maintains perennial popularity at it has one and only existence characteristics in the Tohoku region.

The Features of Arai Sendai venue

We provide clearer vehicle images with the state-of-the-art imaging systems!
The first registered vehicles at Arai Sendai are super fresh with no past registration history !
The services are convenient with no worries even for those from distance! We provide preview representation services for various network services.
AI-NET. Aucnet Live AA. IAUC. JU Navi. AS NET

Traffic Access to the Venue

Arai Auto Auction Sendai

Zip Code:981-3624 135-1, Morinokoshi, Miyatoko, Taiwachou, Kurokawa-gun, Miyagi Prefecture
TEL:022-346-2101 FAX:022-346-2820

Access by train

About 40 minutes by taxi from “Sendai station” of JR Tohoku Shinkansen Line.
About 30 minutes by taxi. from “Izumi Chuo station” along the city subways from Sendai station.

Access by car

About 15 minutes from Izumi Interchange or Taiwa Interchange along Tohoku Expressway.

Information on the facilities and services

  • Site area: approx. 25140.5m2
  • Vehicle registration capacity: 1,500
  • POS seats number: 146
  • Auction speed per lane: 200 vehicles/h
  • Imaging auction systems
  • Equipped with preview search monitors
  • Restaurant capacity: 60 seats
  • Parking places for visitors and for car-hauler trucks

IT Network

  • AI-NET (bidding service, real service, AA stock service)
  • Aucnet Live Auction
  • IAUC
  • JU Navi
  • Autoserver
  • KC-NET
  • M-LIVE
  • Bay-NET