Arai Auto Auction Oyama

Regular passenger Vehicles
Every Thursday auction starts at 11:00 ~
Vans and Trucks
Every Saturday auction starts at 10:00 ~
Construction Equipment
Every Tuesday auction starts at 13:00 ~

Venue Information

AAA Oyama has history of more than 20 years with trusts and achievements.
It hosts regular passenger vehicles auctions, top van/truck, and construction equipment auctions, with vast premises and plenty of registered vehicles.

Regular Passenger Vehicles

This venue is Arai AA’s first auction venue with the history of 27 years, a lot of customers who are auto dealers throughout Kanto area and individual specialized stores in northern Kanto region are using this venue. It arms to work with neighboring auctions and business partners, it has been performed active auction sales. With the goal of offering community- based auctions selected by customers, this venue provides a comfortable setting for both buyers and sellers.

Commercial Vehicles (Vans & Trucks)

This venue is one of the world’s largest scale auctions venue for commercial vehicles. That facility is recognized as source to exchange information on commercial vehicles and pioneering venue of the distribution business of used cars and receives attentions of buyers from around the world and also domestic buyers. We separated forklifts and farm tractors from items in the industrial equipment corner for providing environments where they are easier to sell or buy. We continue implement timely arrangements on a real-time basis responding to our client’s needs and business trend.

Arai Construction Equipment (ACE)

We launched auctions at this venue as Arai Construction Auction in Jan. 2015 at nearby AA Oyama, An exhibition yard of about 66,115 ㎡. This venue is for specializing in used construction equipment, such as excavator, bulldozers, and crawler cranes. We aim to host auctions easy to sell at and buy at.

Arai Construction Equipment Auction Guidelines

Traffic Access to the Venue

Arai Auto Auction Oyama

Zip code:329-0201 548, Awanomiya,Oyama City, Tochigi prefecture
TEL: 0285-45-1555 FAX:0285-45-8446

Arai Construction Equipment(Construction Equipment Venue Office)

Zip code:323-0827 2259-9, Hitotonoya, Oyama City,Tochigi prefecture
TEL: 0285-39-8818 FAX: 0285-39-8851

Access by train

It takes 10 minutes from JR Oyama station by taxi.

Access by car

It takes 20 minutes from Sano-Fujioka Interchange on Tohoku Expressway.

Information on the facilities and services

  • Site area: approx. 337190.083m2
  • Vehicle registration capacity:
    Regular passenger vehicle: 2,000
    Commercial vehicles: 4,500
    Construction Equipment: 950
  • POS seats number: 840
  • Standing POS seats number: 165
  • Auction speed per lane:
    Regular passenger vehicle: 2 lane: 280 vehicles/h
    Commercial vehicles: 6 lane: 460 vehicles/h
    Construction Equipment: 2 lane: 150 units/h
  • Imaging auction systems for 6 lane
  • Equipped with preview search monitors of all seats
  • Standing POS corner
  • Restaurant capacity: 300 seats
  • Price Club Store
  • Shuttle Bus Services
  • Parking places for visitors and for car-hauler trucks

IT Network

  • AI-NET (bidding service, real service, AA stock service)
  • Aucnet Live Auction
  • IAUC
  • JU Navi
  • Autoserver
  • KC-NET
  • M-LIVE
  • Bay-NET