Guidance for becoming a member

The Flowchart of Admission Procedures


Request Membership Information

Please contact your nearest venue.

BAYSIDE Venue : 210-9511 90,Higashi Ogishima,Kawasaki ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture TEL: 044-288-7788
OYAMA Venue : 329-0201 548,Awanomiya,Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture TEL: 0285-45-1555
SENDAI Venue : 981-3624 135-1,Morinokoshi, Miyatoko,Taiwachou,Kurokawa- gun, Miyagi Prefecture TEL: 022-346-2101
FUKUOKA Venue : 811-3134 132-16, Aoyagi, Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture TEL: 092-940-2705


Submit Application Form and required Documents

The following documents including our designated forms are required for applying for Arai AA membership. Please call your nearest venue to request us to send you our required forms.

Admissions Requirements/ Basic Conditions

  1. A person who holds a license of used items trading and whose main business is trading automobiles, motorcycles, construction equipment, agricultural machines. (The Bylaw the first paragraph of Art.7.”The Membership”)
  2. The person needs to hold a license of used items trading over 2 years. In addition, he/she needs to be dedicated to business activities in operation, with a permanent sales office or a maintenance factory where a contact to get through to him/her is available in the business hours.

Note: A member needs to acquire a used items trading license document whose type is corresponding the type of the auction that he/she participates in according to “the classification types of used items that a licensee mainly handles” of used items trading business upon utilizing our auctions. In case the handling classification type of your used items trading license does not correspond the type of the auction that you participate in, please implement procedures of changes of used items trading through submitting a “notification of change” to the related public safety commission.

Further Information related to Documents

The required documents and procedures upon admission vary depending on your requested auctions and your business styles. Please click on whichever of the following items to check the details.

Regular Passenger Vehicle,
Commercial Vehicles Auction
a guidance for corporations and a guidance for sole proprietors
(also eligible to participate in motorcycle auction )
Motorcycle Auction Only a guidance for corporations
a guidance for sole proprietors

Note: New Member Referral Program was ended

New member referral program was ended on Nov. 30th 2015.



Our administrative office will evaluate applicant’s qualification accordance to our membership terms and condition.


Membership Fees

Once you become accepted, please wire transfer the respective membership fees as follows;
For a regular passenger vehicle member: Membership fee: 50,000 yen, Deposit: 50,000 yen, Total:100,000 yen
For a motorcycle member: Membership Fee: 20,000 yen, Deposit: 30,000 yen, Total: 50,000 yen


Completion of registration

We will issue a membership ID card (POS card).