Guidance for becoming a member

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do in order to become a member of Arai Auto Auctions?

We administrate a membership program focusing on used cars dealers. Therefore, you are required to take a qualification assessment by our administrative office to receive membership stipulated by us. After having passed the assessment, you will be accepted as our member and be able to participate in our auctions.

Is an end-consumer able to participate in an auction of Arai Auto Auctions Group?

An end-consumer is not allow to participate our auction. We are the wholesale auctions. Therefore all of our members are licensed used car dealers only.

What are the requirements to become a member of Arai Auto Auctions?

The details are specified in Chapter 2; Member in our "Terms and Conditions" and are also written in "the Membership Information". Some of the basic requirements for membership as follows;
"A person who holds a used item trading license, taking charge of trades of vehicles, motorcycles, construction equipment, agricultural machine as his/her primary business.("Membership"; paragraph 1, Article 7, Chapter 2 of the Terms and Conditions of Members) "
"Maintaining used items trading license over 2 years. In addition, retaining a permanent sales base or maintenance factory reachable in business hours, currently being in business. ("Membership"; paragraph 1, Article 7, Chapter 2 of the Terms and Conditions of Members)"
In addition, a foreigner is eligible for our membership as well if he/she completes the required documents of the member registration, meeting the membership requirements stipulated by us.

What are the benefits for becoming Arai Auto Auction Group member?

We own four venues (Sendai,Oyama,Kawasaki,and Fukuoka) nationwide, hosting seven auctions of regular passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles(vans and trucks), motorcycles, construction equipment and industrial machine on weekly basis. Our member is automatically qualified to participate in our auction at the four venues nationwide as well as each independent-type auctions (still, required qualifications may be varied according to each membership types).

Are Arai members able to participate auction via the internet?

We provide AI-NET (internet auction system) for our auction members. Once you become an AI-NET member (you need to submit another application form to become AI-NET member), you will be able to participate all five- different- type of Arai auction events and also other three auction venues that we have affiliated with.

Are there any other advantages beside attending Arai live auction or participating auction via AI-NET?

We are affiliated with Aucnet Co.,Ltd,. JU Corporation Ltd., Auto Server Co.,Ltd.,and IAUC Co.,Ltd. Our members can enjoy advantage of participating each of these auction venues without going through each auction venues membership enrollment process.