Guidance for becoming a member

What is an Auto Auction?

An auto auction is a wholesale market of used cars where used car dealers join and trade. You can join such a market through a spot goods auction, auctions using the Internet or satellites, and others, where various vehicles from a light car (660cc), an imported car to a van/truck are traded.
As these auctions are utilized by professional dealers, a vehicle undergoes a fare and strict inspection upon its exhibition conducted by inspectors certified pursuant to the inspection instructions of Arai AA. We issue a condition report to prove the result of that inspection, with which you can check the conditions of the vehicle.

The Flowchart of An Auto Auction

Before Auction

Exhibition An exhibited vehicle is transported to the auction venue before noon on the auction’s day.
(Carry-in and –out regulation may vary according to the auction venues.)
Inspection A certified inspector pursuant to the inspection instructions of Arai AA conducts an inspection. We have acquired prestige due to our strict checks and the fare and neutral evaluation systems.
Database We take photos of an exhibited vehicle and keep them in our database along with the condition report (ex. A flaw on the front bumper).
Stocks We keep the vehicles in the motor pools in the venues in strict and organized manners. We prepare blocks regulated for each vehicle category such as, “RV”, “Light Vehicles”, ”Imported Vehicles” and others respectively.
(Buyer) You can search desired vehicle via the Internet and others in advance.

On the auction day

Admission Our member receives a check with a member’s “ID Card” at the time of admission to the venues. And also required to register his/her “POS card” with our registration system before participating the auction. A person who does not carry “ID card” will not allow to enter our venues.
Auction We stipulate lanes for each corners respectively and some venues host auctions simultaneously using more than one lane. Our member can participate and bid at an auction, just pressing a button due to our adoption of computer systems.
(Seller) Seller can arrange the bid starting prices and desired sale prices reading the atmosphere of the auctions.
(Buyer) Buyer supposed to make a bid for the intended vehicle out of the exhibited vehicles. Duration of the auction for each exhibited vehicle will be ten to fifteen second.

After Auction

(Seller) Seller is requested to submit the title registration and other necessary documentations related to the sold vehicle to Arai AA. Seller is also required to submit all items belong to the sold vehicle such as warranty certificate, maintenance record, remote controllers, and others on that occasion as well.
Settlements: We will implement payments to the seller, offsetting the exhibition fees, closing fees, and others, after having confirmed all necessary documents of the sold vehicle submitted by the seller.
(Buyer) Buyer will remit the winning bid vehicle price, successful bid fees, the vehicle taxes, the recycling fee, and others to the designated bank account of Arai AA. We will provide these documents to the buyer after having confirmed the remittance of full payment.
The buyer must implement title changes within the due date stipulated by the Arai AA terms and conditions.